Pricing for our main software is listed on the products page.


Here is a pricing breakdown of the services we currently offer (All is in $USD)


Custom Solutions Software(Currently Windows Only): E-Mail with details for a quote – Private software(You will be sole owner) will be extra as we obviously want to retain the right to sell what we publish and increase out catalog, Source code will never be included.

Custom Hardware Solutions: E-mail with details for a quote, Schematics of the completed product will be available for an up-charge.

Basic PC Tune-ups – $45

Advanced PC Diagnostics and repair: $30/Hr + material costs.

Basic Software Installations: $15+$5 for each additional program

Advanced Software Installation:  Starting at $20 based on software and configuration.

Electronic Diagnostic and repair: $25 flat fee for diagnostics, repair costs will be $30/Hour + material costs.

Electronic Modifications: E-Mail for quotes.



NOTICE: These services are part of a fundraising effort to get the business of the ground and may be discontinued at any time!