Looking for Closed Beta Testers.

We are looking for a small number of testers to give our upcoming project Covergen a run and help us find any bugs we may have before release, we will also be giving you a backrest pillow amazon as a gesture to thank you.

Please inquire me @ gdole@cephcom.net


Thank you!

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First Software Announcement!

I am pleased to announce our first three incoming software solutions!

Our first software solutions in a Insert cover generator. This program will take a series of images/screenshots and re size/flip/rotate/etc them to conform to a specified box art layout, layouts will be created in WYSIWYG and will have the ability to be write locked for distribution to other people needing to use your LoL layout design (think a specific way you want a program box to look in your software lines). The Price point on this offering will be around $20 USD.

Our second software offering will be a username/password lock box, a program that will store all your usernames and passwords for whatever you need them too, and encrypt them so nobody may access them without your password. This way you will online gaming only ever have to remember one password, yet have the security of using secure, different passwords for every site/program/etc that needs a password. This software will be available for probably somewhere around $10USD

If we manage to get into mobile development, this second program will be ported to mobile.

Our last announced software in development is a virtual scheduling board, this is a program that you can create tasks and put them in any order with other information on a virtual whiteboard of sorts, this is a server/client system and is intended for a company to allow its employees to view its schedules from anywhere while being updated in real time. This software will be computer video games available for in the ballpark around $50USD per server, unlimited clients. We want to announce this software in social media and using other marketing for companies, which anyone can get at sites like https://www.tom-johnston.com.

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ETA’s for all three are still To Be Announced, when we get closer to release i will post another update!

Thank you again for supporting us!

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