Custom Solutions

We will go out of our way to provide the best solutions for your specific needs.

Are you looking for a piece of software that would make your life easier but lack the programming knowledge? We would love to help with that!  Tell us what you would like and we will let you know what we could do for you!

or are you looking for more of a piece of hardware that can accomplish a specific task, but cant seem to find anything that exists? E-Mail us! We also write Microchip Programs and work in hardware Design!


A Few example solutions we have completed in the past:

A customizable software launcher

A Screensaver customized for a businesses ISO Standards.

A Specialized A/V Switch box based on a customers spec (A heavy modification to his OE).

A Microcomputer based power point player through HDMI.



NOTICE: This service is part of a fundraising effort to get the business of the ground and may be discontinued at any time!