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Distribution Delay and Official Release.

We are still having issues with our distribution system, for now we consider CoverGen officially released. Any and all Interested sales are directed to E-Mail with your name/E-Mail/and how many copies business/personal  and an invoice with payment instructions will

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CoverGen Release Delayed

CoverGen is ready for release, however we are working out some bugs in the distribution system, If you wish to purchase a copy before our distribution system is finished E-Mail sales @ and we can push the sales through

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CoverGen Feature List Added

We have added the current features list for CoverGen. -Greg

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Pass-Lock Cancellation

We regret to announce that Pass-Lock has been canceled. Upon deliberation we have decided that the market is just too saturated with this type of program and our resources are better spent improving our other two much more promising projects.

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CoverGen Release Pending

CoverGen is in final private beta testing, shortly will be entering public beta testing and pre-order. When you make a purchase of CoverGen you will be given access to all Public Beta releases up until final, at the point of

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Progress Screenshots added to the Covergen Project Page!

We have added a few screenshots of the Covergen Solution! It should give you a general idea of what we are making! So far the site is coming along great! It was a top priority for us, so we had

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Cephcom Solutions Forums Opened!

We would like to announce our newly opened forums, feel free to come by and give us any feedback you may have

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Looking for Closed Beta Testers.

We are looking for a small number of testers to give our upcoming project Covergen a run and help us find any bugs we may have before release, we will also be giving you a backrest pillow amazon as a

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First Software Announcement!

I am pleased to announce our first three incoming software solutions! Our first software solutions in a Insert cover generator. This program will take a series of images/screenshots and re size/flip/rotate/etc them to conform to a specified box art layout,

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